What Is a Crime Cleanup Company Needed For?

The term “crime cleanup company” is suggestive as well as misleading, making everyone think that crime cleanup specialist handle nothing else, only crime scenes. While the cleanup of the premises were some sort of traumatic event, such as a murder or a violent suicide have taken place is surely one of the most important core services provided by these specialized cleanup companies, restoring the safety and cleanliness of crime scenes is not the only type of cleanup service provided by these businesses. Here are some more situations for which these professional clean up technicians are hired for.

crime scene cleanup

Restoration After Water Damage

Whether the damage occurs as the result of a natural disaster, such as a strong storm that devastates the roof and inundates the building from the topmost level down or a flood that covers the basement of the building in contaminated water, crime scene cleanup companies, also known as biohazard cleanup specialists, are there to help.

The first thing they do after arriving at the damage site is to ensure the safety of the premises by disconnecting the electricity and the other utilities, then the specialists will put on their special protective gear and put their powerful pumps to work to remove standing water. When that process is complete, the decontamination specialists will remove all the damaged items from the premises and will determine whether the damage has affected the structural components of the premises such as the walls and the flooring.

If deemed necessary, the decontamination team will see to the removal of the dry walls and floor surfaces that have been affected by the water damage and they will also dry the space with the help of special, very powerful ventilators. The final step is one more sanitization process to ensure that the premises are not affected by mold and mildew.

Handling Industrial Accidents

The accidents that take place at industrial facilities and involve spillages of hazardous substances also require special handling that only the qualified and experienced stuff of biohazard cleanup companies can ensure. Whether the situation involves only a minor spillage caused by a damaged container or some sort of major contamination, the biohazard company in charge will determine the best course of action to take in terms of the materials to be used for the neutralization, as well as the devices to be deployed to mitigate the damage and to restore the safety of the premises and of the surroundings, such as the natural environment of the industrial company.

Handling Animal Waste and Carcasses

The excrement and the remains of animals are also considered biohazard of the highest level. While pet owners can safely handle the bedding and the absorbent material used for taking up excrements their pets, when it comes to larger farms engaged in animal husbandry, the removal of these materials requires specialized knowledge as well as tools. Most jurisdictions require these farms to have contracts with biohazard companies that will visit the premises regularly and collect the materials in question, followed by the neutralization treatment or the disposal of the materials with special methods that are in compliance with the applicable rules.