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How to Become an Electrician – Learning for a Great Career

Learn A Great Career As An Electrician

Everything works with electricity nowadays – homes, commercial and industrial facilities all depend on their electrical wiring systems, generating huge demand for good electricians, so here are a few tips to help you if you are currently researching how to become an electrician.

Basic Requirements

To be able to start education to become an electrician, you first of all need a high school diploma or an equivalent of a high school diploma. If you are in high school and you already know that you want to become one of the best Denver CO electricians, try to focus on subjects that can help you later, such as mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing.

Moving to the Next Level

The next phase in becoming an electrician is to start pre-apprenticeship training. These training programs are offered by trade schools and career colleges and they teach students about the basics of electrical work, such as safety-related aspects and codes, how to read wiring diagrams, electrical theory and will also offer some practical educations. To be allowed to enroll, candidates might be required to pass an entry test that checks their knowledge of algebra and physics, but not all schools have this requirement.

Applying for an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship programs are paid jobs offered by local companies to aspiring electricians. In some states, those who want to apply for an apprenticeship position are required to register beforehand, while other states don’t have such requirements. The position does not require the apprentice to be able to perform electrical repairs and installation by himself upfront – approved candidates usually go through a short evaluation period by the end of which the employer decides whether the candidate has the interest and the potential of becoming a valuable asset to the company later, followed by the actual apprenticeship phase that lasts 3-5 years and offers the employee practical and theoretical training as well. Electrician apprentices work with a master electrician during the day, performing smaller tasks under the guidance of the master and they will participate in in-classroom teaching in the evenings where they will learn more about the theoretical aspects of an electrician’s work. The training process ends in an exam to test the knowledge accumulated by the apprentice during the training.

Continuing Education

Those who pass the exam receive a license to practice as a journeyman electrician, that is, a professional who can perform electrical installation, repair and maintenance work based on provided diagrams, but not to create wiring diagrams and to design systems by themselves. Journeyman electricians who want to continue their training to learn how to design complex electrical systems as well can continue their training to become master electricians.

Aspects Related to Licensing

In most states, electrician licenses are issued if the candidate has accumulated a certain number of hours spent working with a supervisor and has passed the licensing exam. However, not all states require electricians to be licensed to be able to work independently or to find employment with construction companies, so always make sure you know exactly about what local regulations say about the matter.

If you have already completed secondary education, start your how to become an electrician research by looking for a local school where you can start your pre-apprenticeship training – the rest should come naturally.



Colorado Springs Jobs – Varied Opportunities of a Dynamic Labor Market

The Colorado Springs labor market has been on the rise for a few years now and the trend seems to continue, too – Colorado Springs jobs are offered not only by the major corporations that have recently moved their headquarters to the area, but also by smaller companies that enjoy the benefits of the booming local economy. The unemployment rate in the city is decreasing steadily and the positive trend is informed by the fast development in numerous economic sectors – here are some of the most successful industries that offer plenty of employment opportunities.

The Defense Industry

Colorado Springs has long been a center for the defense industry. Defense and aerospace companies are among the city’s largest employers and the positions they are looking for include not only engineers and researchers, but skilled workers and administrative personnel as well.

Electronic Manufacturing

The manufacturing of complex electronic equipment occupies another major segment of the economy of Colorado Springs. The local manufacturing companies have not only plants and factories in and around Colorado Springs, but sales centers and storage facilities as well, so the jobs they provide are also varied.


Colorado Springs has been a popular tourist destination ever since the first railroad reached the area in the 1870’s and the beautiful scenery, the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, the attractions and the entertainment opportunities accessible in the area guarantee that the tourism industry will not stop developing any time soon. The city and the surrounding area has lots of hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities, all contributing to the economic success of Colorado Springs, offering employment for locals as well as for newcomers to the city.

Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Colorado Springs was the first city to start using the internet back in the 1960’s and it has preserved its leading position in the information technology industry. There are already numerous tech companies in the area and the industry is expected to develop dynamically in the future as well.


Colorado Springs residents are among the healthiest people in the nation, which is in part due to the fresh air and the wide range of sporting opportunities in the area and partly to the excellent healthcare infrastructure. The city’s booming healthcare industry that has attracted life science companies and manufacturers of medical devices, the region’s focus on athletic performance and the innovative, collaborative projects that focus on the development of new medical technologies also makes sure the segment provides a wide range of employment possibilities.


Colorado Springs has lots of ongoing construction projects as well, urban development projects just as much as private development. The segment has been steadily attracting skilled and unskilled workers, engineers, project managers and other job seekers not only from the state of Colorado, but from all over the US.

Real Estate

A boom in construction brings about a boom in the real estate business as well. Housing prices in the area are on the rise, but still affordable, an aspect that adds dynamism to the local real estate market and creates lots of Colorado Springs jobs.