Ask Your Denver Electrician about Household Electrical Myths

If you do not know a lot about your household electric appliances and you want to be on the safe side, then you need to ask our trusty Denver electrician about any misconceptions:

Old wires in the wall are a disaster waiting to happen

Many people seem to believe that leaving old wires in the wall will lead to them malfunctioning and causing problems. However, the same can happen with new wires if they are not properly installed.

What you specifically need to be on the lookout for is signs of rodents. Rats can cause serious damage to wires, no matter if they are new or old. Hire a professional to inspect your home for rodents if you suspect there are any.

Getting a tripped breaker to reset is as easy as flipping it

This rumor has definitely been around for quite some time, even though there is no evidence to back it up. According to professionals, just simply flipping a tripped breaker is just not enough to fully reset it.

Plus, dealing with such an issue is generally a sign that something worse will soon come. Ask your electrician Denver area about it, and you will surely find out that a tripped breaker means a short circuit is underway.