Troubleshooting HVAC Systems – Tips from Denver Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Specialists

Whenever the air conditioning unit fails to function properly, you know you can rely on HVAC Denver professionals’ competence. Here are some of the methods they apply in solving different issues:


  • The thermostat is one of the most important components of a HVAC device, and among the first places where specialists check for malfunctions. For example, they verify to see if the temperature level is correctly set. When the settings are very low, it appears as the device was not functioning at all.


  • Another aspect HVAC professionals check when they inspect the air conditioning unit’s thermostat is the state of the battery powering the device. A loss of the battery’s charge can make the device function under its normal capacity or even completely stop working.


  • The heating system is also thoroughly inspected for malfunctions, starting with the circuit breaker and fuel valves, in case of a device using gas as a powering source. When the valves carrying the gas are blocked, the fuel flow is interrupted, and the HVAC system fails to work.


  • According to the Denver heating and air conditioning repair technicians, the situation is the same when the circuit breaker is tripped, so they also verify the unit’s wiring and electrical connections.