Denver Commercial Refrigeration Solutions and How to Make the Best Choice

If you own a restaurant, a diner, a convenience store or a florist shop in Denver, commercial refrigeration solutions are available to you from numerous companies. If you are currently in the process of finding the most suitable refrigeration solution for your needs, here are some tips that can make the final decision easier.


Choosing the Type of Refrigeration


The first aspect that requires your attention is refrigeration type:


  • walk-in units are best for restaurants that have large stocks of food and raw ingredients that need special circumstances to stay fresh,
  • reach-in units – these types resemble residential fridges in terms of looks and functionality,
  • stand-up units with a glass display are suitable for keeping deli products cold while also allowing guests and customers to see what’s inside,
  • horizontal units are suitable for stores and restaurants and they are available with glass doors or with doors that don’t make the contents visible,
  • refrigerated prep tables – the best choice for kitchen areas, these units come with a counter and a freezing or cooling unit underneath, providing chefs easy access for what they need for the dish they are preparing,
  • dual-temp units – these types come with two compartments and the possibility to have different temperature settings for each of them,
  • choose specialized coolers for special needs – floral coolers, wine coolers, coolers for dairy products are all available nowadays,
  • mobile refrigeration solutions can be easily moved around or loaded on trucks, so they are the perfect choice for catering companies.


Choosing the Right Size


Measure the space where you want to keep your cooler or freezer and also calculate the amount of space you need inside the unit, bearing in mind that many refrigerator units have thick walls, so a unit that looks large from the outside might not be suitable for you in terms of interior dimensions. Make accurate measurements of the height, the width and the depth of the space and also make sure that the floor of the room is able to sustain the weight of the refrigeration unit.


Leave sufficient space for the condensation unit, too – choose units that have a top-mount compressor if you don’t need to worry about debris collecting inside the compressor, but choose a unit with a bottom-mount compressor if you are concerned about dust or paint from the ceiling gathering in the compressor.


Carry Out a Detailed Research about Brands and Features


There are lots of vendors that provide refrigeration solutions and there is a very wide choice of brands and manufacturers as well. To find out about your options, have a look at the online catalogues provided by local vendors or contact the sales department of some sellers to find out more about refrigeration solutions. Check the offers of the Denver commercial HVAC service – they can vary widely in terms of what they include.


If you need a cooling or freezing solution for your facility in Denver, commercial refrigeration providers can help you not only by selling you the product you need, but also assist you during the selection process – turn to local vendors for advice and you will surely make the right decision in the end.