Denver Boilers Maintenance Tips

The life span of your boilers Denver water heaters can be considerably extended through constant care and maintenance. Here are some of the things this involves:

  • Periodical verifications – Once a year, you have to call a professional to check the boiler’s components and see if all of them function properly. Those who perform this verification should possess a special accreditation, issued by an institution known as the Council of Registered Gas Installers, CORGI for short. When the specialists come for the inspection, you can also ask them to install a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Checking the pressure – All boiler models come equipped with a gauge that is placed on one of the unit’s sides, having the role to indicate pressure. For residential heating units, the average pressure they operate at is of 12-15 pounds. If the pressure becomes too high within a short amount of time, you can fix this by twisting or turning the so-called “pressure release valve”.
  • Boiler checking – Keeping the boiler room clean is a simple, but very effective way of avoiding unwanted incidents. By regularly wiping off the dust, you prevent it from getting into the heating system and clogging its parts. Also Denver boilers should be descaled once in a while, since the water in the area is quite hard.