A 3-Step Program That Providers of HVAC Services Can Offer to You

If you have consulted a provider of HVAC services, they would have told you that conditioned air that could escape from leaky windows, poor insulation and improperly sealed ductwork could cost you hundreds of dollars per year. Considering energy costs that only go upwards, your problem is bigger year after year. This is why HVAC experts propose you a 3-step plan to conserve energy and save money:

  • Get a home energy audit performed. HVAC companies use advanced diagnostic tools able to locate the sources of energy consumption and comfort and health issues – air leaks, moisture, insufficient insulation, gas leaks, faulty ducts. Basic diagnostic tests include infrared camera inspection (to determine moisture, insulation and thermal issues) and blower door infiltration to locate and quantify air leakage.
  • Get the audit report. It will contain the identified issues and will highlight the areas of concern. The report will also include the detailed list of improvements necessary to get energy savings and the applicable utility or government incentives.
  • Make the required improvements to save energy. Once your choice made, the provider of HVAC services will deal with the cooling and heating ductwork, insulation and sealing, and with the procedures for ensuring proper indoor air quality.  Furnace repair Aurora technicians are some of the best.