What does an Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting Service do?

One of the most modern and high-performance sanitation methods used by disinfecting service providers is electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting, which is performed by nebulization, using special applicators.electrostatic cleaning

Today, more than ever, we have a duty to provide employees, customers and everyone with whom we interact with a clean and safe environment for their health. The specialists meet this need and offer professional services, with the help of electrostatic cleaning technology. The equipment used is high-performance and provides exceptional results in preventing the spread of viruses, including the new coronavirus.

What is electrostatic cleaning by nebulization?

Disinfection by nebulization (cold mist) is a revolutionary method, which involves performing operations to prevent or fight against infectious diseases. The purpose of these operations is to destroy pathogens, viruses and bacteria in the air and on various surfaces.

This method is not harmful to humans or animals.

How is this type of disinfection performed?

Preparing the space to be disinfected is the first step.

Before proceeding to the actual disinfection, surfaces must be cleaned. It is recommended to remove objects such as works of art from the room. Also, the monitors and keyboards will be pre-cleaned with a special solution. The area must be cleared so that no person is present during the disinfection operation. The space must not be accessible, preferably for one hour after the end of the operation.

The next step is the actual disinfection.

When operators enter the treatment area, they test the level of biological contamination with the help of a luminometer. In this way, hygiene is monitored and controlled before and after treatment.

Electrostatic cleaning is performed with a special applicator, designed to nebulize the substance that will sterilize the air and the surfaces. With this device, operators can sanitize rooms of any size, in no more than an hour. The device nebulizes biocide substances, spraying them in the form of cold and extremely fine mist (particles smaller than 5 microns). The small size of the particles allows the fog to float in the air for a long time and, thus, a complete disinfection.

Thanks to this method, the disinfectant reaches absolutely all the areas of the room (including hard reaching spaces, niches, cracks, ventilation holes) and touches all surfaces to kill viruses, germs and pathogens, settling down slowly and interacting with the environment. The particles do not immediately fall on surfaces, but float in the air like a fog that fills the space. Thus, it will ensure decontamination in the most efficient and complete way.

This type of treatment is ideal for both large and small indoor areas, as well as rooms with many pieces of equipment, furniture, which are very difficult to sanitize rigorously.

Mobile nebulizers are other devices used by electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting service providers, for smaller or hard to reach spaces. They distribute the biocide substance in the form of 7 micron aerosols, forming a cold fog, using ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology, being efficient over a distance of 6-7 meters.

Questions to Ask A Plumber You Are Hiring

If you are faced with a burst plumbing pipe or a damaged fixture and water is pouring through your wall, you surely want to find plumbers that can get to your home in the shortest time. While quick response is surely an important thing in any plumbing situation, there are many other qualities that you need your plumber to possess. Even if in an emergency situation, you might not have the time to evaluate the available plumbers, here are some questions to ask any plumber before hiring a contractor, whether for a scheduled plumbing project.

Licensing and Insurance

In most states, plumbers are required to study and practice for years before they can participate in the licensing examination and are allowed to work on their own only after they have passed the exams and have obtained their license. Liability insurance is also mandatory in many states. You should never work with a plumber who is not properly licensed and insured, so make sure to check the documents before hiring your contractor.

Specialty and References

If you are faced with an emergency, you probably don’t have the time to check specialization and previous experience, but if you are planning a major remodeling project that involves plumbing work, too, the plumber’s specialization is very important to check. You can ask the plumbers you are talking to to show you copies of their certificates and other credentials to prove that they are experts in the type of project that you have. It is also a good idea to ask the plumber to provide you with references that you can contact to find out the opinions that others have about the plumber’s work.

The Person or Persons Who Will Do the Job

Many plumbers work with a team or with subcontractors, so the question is very important – you should know exactly who will come to your home and work in your building. The team members or the subcontractors need to meet the same requirements as the plumber that will manage your project.

plumbing in Denver

The Work Process and the Amount that You Will Pay

Experts in plumbing in Denver can provide an accurate cost estimate only if they can perform a detailed inspection of the site that they will work on. Invite the plumbers that you consider suitable for your project, show them around and ask whatever questions you may have about how the work will be performed, how much disruption it will involve and how long the process will take to complete. Ask the plumbers to provide detailed cost estimates before you hire any of them. The document should contain itemized lists of the materials to be used in your project as well as of the procedures involved, along with prices and rates for each entry. Some plumbers charge an hourly rate, others work for flat rates – while evaluating local plumbers, you are likely to get cost estimates that follow either pricing strategy.


Ideally, plumbers offer warranty on their labor as well as manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used. Make sure to get them both.

How to Determine When You Really Need a Boiler Replacement

Boiler repair replacement needed

Boiler replacements can be expensive, depending on the type of boiler you want to install and how much you’re willing to pay for a professional service to get the job done. However, despite the cost, this is a necessary task sometimes, and even if your boiler is still somewhat operational, chances are that the increased fuel and energy consumption it entails will cost you more in the long run, than if you pay to have it replaced.


Common Reasons for Replacing Your Boiler


Finding out that you need a boiler replacement can be bad news if you’re not in a position to get it done right away – especially if your budget is lacking at the moment. However, knowing about it in advance will help you to prepare and get the ball rolling, maybe by saving money and planning the replacement project properly.


So, how do you know if your boiler is nearing the end of its life or a possible breakdown? Here are a few tips you can use to find out:


  1. If you had your boiler for a period of more than 15 years, chances are that it needs to be replaced soon. Most boilers aren’t designed to last longer than that, and even if you take proper care of it, yours won’t live much longer either. As a result, once your boiler starts to get close to that age, it might be time to start searching for a replacement.


  1. The blue flame in your boiler is often an indicator of either the purity of the gas you’re using or of the impurities or a malfunction in the boiler itself. If the blue light on your boiler has turned a shade of yellow or orange, make sure you call an expert right away to assess the situation and suggest a course of action. Sometimes it’s just a matter of maintenance or repair, but sometimes you might have to hire someone to replace the entire installation.


  1. Some mechanical parts or damage can cause problems that are difficult if not impossible to fix through a basic boiler repair Denver technician. In other cases, the repair itself would be too complicated or expensive to be of any practical use, especially if your boiler is old and the fix might not last. In cases when your boiler is leaking, the radiator isn’t heating up as it used to, or there’s a bad odor coming from the boiler, you might have to think about replacing it.


What If Your Energy Bills Increase?


If your energy bills are growing as your boiler becomes older and more worn out, it’s natural to make the connection and consider replacing it. However, in cases like this one, where you’re not 100% sure if the boiler is the culprit, it’s important to have the system evaluated and have an expert tell you whether your assumption is correct or not.


So, before deciding to spend $1,000-$2,000 to replace your existing boiler, consider contacting your local HVAC specialists, and asking them to come over for a complete boiler inspection, so they can evaluate the problem and present you with your options.

How to Find a Great Custom Cable Manufacturer

How To Find Custom Cables Manufacturers

Our everyday devices require cables for them to function properly. They come in many different forms, manufactured for a variety of different uses. The main use of cables is to transmit electricity from a source to the intended device. Some custom cables allow the constant streaming of data from point A to point B, and there are cables to allow two devices to communicate.


A great cable provider to look for would be the ones that have been operating for some time now. A business that has been operating for a few years is a great way to tell the quality of their cables. After all, if a business puts out cheaply made products you can be sure that it will be its downfall. Besides checking to see how old the business is also making sure that the manufacturer meets your requirements. Figuring out of whether or not a cable manufacturer is reliable or not is a major step if you are planning to buy cables from the same manufacturer over the years. Many cable manufacturers are searching for long-term business relationships with their customers.


In this day and age, a lot of information can be acquired on the internet. The same goes for cable manufacturers. After getting familiar with the different companies available, a good idea would be to take each one and google them to find out more specific information about them. For example, by typing the manufacturer in question and using specific keywords. The keyword should be the type of cable that you are interested in. The results should give you an idea of whether or not the company manufactures specific cables, and if so, you can also find information about the way that they are made.


Another way would be to get some feedback from former or current customers. Do their products have positive reviews? Are they known to deliver good quality cables?

When it comes to pricing, be sure to gather some information from a wide variety of manufacturers. Compare one cable manufacturer to another by looking on how their cables are priced. This will give a general idea of the real price of a product and it will be much easier to know whether or not they are overpricing their cables.


An important step to be aware of when building a business relationship with a manufacturer is knowing if they fit your specific needs. This can be found out when checking each company in detail. Depending on your requirements, either you are a small business or a large one, you should be able to get additional information from similar businesses that have worked with the said manufacturing company. This way, it is also possible to filter the list of manufacturers and avoid the ones that prove to be unreliable. Many companies offer a small quantity of their product, sometimes at a reduced price to form an idea about the quality that they offer and also see whether or not they can integrate they manufacturing process with your specific needs.



How to Become an Electrician – Learning for a Great Career

Learn A Great Career As An Electrician

Everything works with electricity nowadays – homes, commercial and industrial facilities all depend on their electrical wiring systems, generating huge demand for good electricians, so here are a few tips to help you if you are currently researching how to become an electrician.

Basic Requirements

To be able to start education to become an electrician, you first of all need a high school diploma or an equivalent of a high school diploma. If you are in high school and you already know that you want to become one of the best Denver CO electricians, try to focus on subjects that can help you later, such as mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing.

Moving to the Next Level

The next phase in becoming an electrician is to start pre-apprenticeship training. These training programs are offered by trade schools and career colleges and they teach students about the basics of electrical work, such as safety-related aspects and codes, how to read wiring diagrams, electrical theory and will also offer some practical educations. To be allowed to enroll, candidates might be required to pass an entry test that checks their knowledge of algebra and physics, but not all schools have this requirement.

Applying for an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship programs are paid jobs offered by local companies to aspiring electricians. In some states, those who want to apply for an apprenticeship position are required to register beforehand, while other states don’t have such requirements. The position does not require the apprentice to be able to perform electrical repairs and installation by himself upfront – approved candidates usually go through a short evaluation period by the end of which the employer decides whether the candidate has the interest and the potential of becoming a valuable asset to the company later, followed by the actual apprenticeship phase that lasts 3-5 years and offers the employee practical and theoretical training as well. Electrician apprentices work with a master electrician during the day, performing smaller tasks under the guidance of the master and they will participate in in-classroom teaching in the evenings where they will learn more about the theoretical aspects of an electrician’s work. The training process ends in an exam to test the knowledge accumulated by the apprentice during the training.

Continuing Education

Those who pass the exam receive a license to practice as a journeyman electrician, that is, a professional who can perform electrical installation, repair and maintenance work based on provided diagrams, but not to create wiring diagrams and to design systems by themselves. Journeyman electricians who want to continue their training to learn how to design complex electrical systems as well can continue their training to become master electricians.

Aspects Related to Licensing

In most states, electrician licenses are issued if the candidate has accumulated a certain number of hours spent working with a supervisor and has passed the licensing exam. However, not all states require electricians to be licensed to be able to work independently or to find employment with construction companies, so always make sure you know exactly about what local regulations say about the matter.

If you have already completed secondary education, start your how to become an electrician research by looking for a local school where you can start your pre-apprenticeship training – the rest should come naturally.



DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Unit Around the Year

Get A++ Savings In Your Home

Furnaces are high-capacity, complex pieces of equipment that work hard to keep your home comfortably warm – if you want to save on repair and energy bills with a few easy operations, here are a few DIY furnace maintenance tips that will surely make your furnace live longer and work better and will keep you from having to contact one of the furnace repair Denver professionals for a replacement.

The Tools You Need

These maintenance operations are intended to make the job of the furnace easier by removing impurities, so the tools you will need are common tools used for cleaning: a brush and a piece of soft cloth for the dusting, a vacuum cleaner and a drinking straw for removing dust from very small components.

The Operations

Do these maintenance operations twice a year to increase the longevity of your furnace:

  • Power off the unit and shut off the gas, then check and double check that the furnace is not under current and the gas supply is off indeed.
  • Remove the door of the combustion chamber and the burner cover – combustion chamber doors can be usually easily lifted, while burner cover doors are held in place with screws.
  • Inspect the interior of the combustion chamber for the presence of soot – the fine black power indicates insufficient burning.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner and run it wherever you see dust in the combustion chamber and in the blower compartment.
  • Remove the blower to clean it as well – if your unit has a control panel in front of the component, you will have to remove it before you can reach the blower.
  • Use a vacuum and a thin, but stiff brush to dust the blower.
  • Replace the blower filter – cheap, universal filters made from fiberglass are the best replacement filters.
  • Locate the pilot and use a drinking straw to remove dust from it.
  • Clean the sensor of the pilot with a piece of fine sand paper, then put it back into its place.
  • Clean the hot surface igniter by blowing it with the straw, but be careful not to touch it because it is a very important, but very fragile component of your furnace, even the lightest touch can break it.
  • If your unit is belt-driven, inspect the drive belt for any cracks – if you notice any damage, replace the belt yourself or call an expert to replace it for you.
  • Lubricate the bearings around the belt, but don’t overdo it, two or three drops of oil per bearing is enough.
  • If your furnace has a special operating mode for winter and another one for summer, adjust the damper for the upcoming season.
  • Inspect the air ducts for any damage, such as leaks if you notice any place where air can escape from the system, seal it with metal tape or silicone.

And the last one of our DIY furnace maintenance tips: don’t forget to clean and check your furnace before winter and before summer – there is nothing worse than noticing a breakdown when you need to furnace to be working hard for your comfort.

Colorado Springs Jobs – Varied Opportunities of a Dynamic Labor Market

The Colorado Springs labor market has been on the rise for a few years now and the trend seems to continue, too – Colorado Springs jobs are offered not only by the major corporations that have recently moved their headquarters to the area, but also by smaller companies that enjoy the benefits of the booming local economy. The unemployment rate in the city is decreasing steadily and the positive trend is informed by the fast development in numerous economic sectors – here are some of the most successful industries that offer plenty of employment opportunities.

The Defense Industry

Colorado Springs has long been a center for the defense industry. Defense and aerospace companies are among the city’s largest employers and the positions they are looking for include not only engineers and researchers, but skilled workers and administrative personnel as well.

Electronic Manufacturing

The manufacturing of complex electronic equipment occupies another major segment of the economy of Colorado Springs. The local manufacturing companies have not only plants and factories in and around Colorado Springs, but sales centers and storage facilities as well, so the jobs they provide are also varied.


Colorado Springs has been a popular tourist destination ever since the first railroad reached the area in the 1870’s and the beautiful scenery, the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, the attractions and the entertainment opportunities accessible in the area guarantee that the tourism industry will not stop developing any time soon. The city and the surrounding area has lots of hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities, all contributing to the economic success of Colorado Springs, offering employment for locals as well as for newcomers to the city.

Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Colorado Springs was the first city to start using the internet back in the 1960’s and it has preserved its leading position in the information technology industry. There are already numerous tech companies in the area and the industry is expected to develop dynamically in the future as well.


Colorado Springs residents are among the healthiest people in the nation, which is in part due to the fresh air and the wide range of sporting opportunities in the area and partly to the excellent healthcare infrastructure. The city’s booming healthcare industry that has attracted life science companies and manufacturers of medical devices, the region’s focus on athletic performance and the innovative, collaborative projects that focus on the development of new medical technologies also makes sure the segment provides a wide range of employment possibilities.


Colorado Springs has lots of ongoing construction projects as well, urban development projects just as much as private development. The segment has been steadily attracting skilled and unskilled workers, engineers, project managers and other job seekers not only from the state of Colorado, but from all over the US.

Real Estate

A boom in construction brings about a boom in the real estate business as well. Housing prices in the area are on the rise, but still affordable, an aspect that adds dynamism to the local real estate market and creates lots of Colorado Springs jobs.


Furnace Repair Services in Nebraska – Their Repair Processes and Other Operations They Perform

Your furnace is probably one of the most important appliances in your home, the equipment that supplies your home with hot water and heating as well, both essential for your comfort. If the unit breaks down, you need repair as quickly as possible, but if it happens in Nebraska, you are lucky because local furnace repair companies provide emergency services of the highest quality.


How Furnace Repairs Goes


There are many different types of furnaces used in homes. Some are powered with electricity, others use propane gas or oil or they are bi-fuel varieties. Nebraska heating and air conditioning technicians are trained to handle all varieties, brands and problems – here is how they will proceed:


  • First a safety and diagnostic test is done on your furnace to identify the fault – this process will entail measurements with the help of specialized equipment and probably some dismantling as well
  • A free, no obligation cost estimate is issued based on the technician’s findings – it will include all labor and replacement part-related costs and you will have to accept it by signing it
  • The technician continues and finalizes the repairs either by repairing the faulty component or by replacing it with a new one from the company’s stock or ordered for you from a third-party supplier.


Some local companies provide only scheduled repair services, while others offer emergency services as well, so you can call them even if your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold winter night. A technician will arrive at your place as quickly as possible and the repairs will be just as prompt and efficient.


Other Services Provided by Furnace Repair Services in Nebraska


Most repair companies offer professional services not only for faulty furnaces – they repair other HVAC units such as electric or gas heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps. Their other services can be categorized in the following two main classes:


  • Installation – getting your heating or cooling appliances mounted professionally will
    Thing Of The Past

    guarantee that the units can function safely and flawlessly for a long time, without any components damaged because of improper equipment installation


  • Maintenance – very important for keeping your HVAC appliances safe and healthy, proper, professional maintenance can prevent costly and unexpected faults caused by malfunctions that could have been prevented such as clogging, the build-up of other impurities in the system, imperfect electrical contacts or other, easy to avoid problems. It is usually recommended to hire a professional to carry out maintenance tasks two times a year, once in spring, to prepare the appliance for the summer and once in fall, to prepare your furnace or other type of HVAC equipment for the heavy-duty work required by cold Nebraska winters.


Many homeowners consider professional installation and maintenance a waste of money, while in fact these two operations can prevent many appliance faults. HVAC systems are sensitive and improper installation can not only lead to their malfunction, but can also jeopardize the safety of your home, so do call professionals to install, repair and maintain your furnace and other HVAC units – their services are worth every dollar they charge.

Denver Commercial Refrigeration Solutions and How to Make the Best Choice

If you own a restaurant, a diner, a convenience store or a florist shop in Denver, commercial refrigeration solutions are available to you from numerous companies. If you are currently in the process of finding the most suitable refrigeration solution for your needs, here are some tips that can make the final decision easier.


Choosing the Type of Refrigeration


The first aspect that requires your attention is refrigeration type:


  • walk-in units are best for restaurants that have large stocks of food and raw ingredients that need special circumstances to stay fresh,
  • reach-in units – these types resemble residential fridges in terms of looks and functionality,
  • stand-up units with a glass display are suitable for keeping deli products cold while also allowing guests and customers to see what’s inside,
  • horizontal units are suitable for stores and restaurants and they are available with glass doors or with doors that don’t make the contents visible,
  • refrigerated prep tables – the best choice for kitchen areas, these units come with a counter and a freezing or cooling unit underneath, providing chefs easy access for what they need for the dish they are preparing,
  • dual-temp units – these types come with two compartments and the possibility to have different temperature settings for each of them,
  • choose specialized coolers for special needs – floral coolers, wine coolers, coolers for dairy products are all available nowadays,
  • mobile refrigeration solutions can be easily moved around or loaded on trucks, so they are the perfect choice for catering companies.


Choosing the Right Size


Measure the space where you want to keep your cooler or freezer and also calculate the amount of space you need inside the unit, bearing in mind that many refrigerator units have thick walls, so a unit that looks large from the outside might not be suitable for you in terms of interior dimensions. Make accurate measurements of the height, the width and the depth of the space and also make sure that the floor of the room is able to sustain the weight of the refrigeration unit.


Leave sufficient space for the condensation unit, too – choose units that have a top-mount compressor if you don’t need to worry about debris collecting inside the compressor, but choose a unit with a bottom-mount compressor if you are concerned about dust or paint from the ceiling gathering in the compressor.


Carry Out a Detailed Research about Brands and Features


There are lots of vendors that provide refrigeration solutions and there is a very wide choice of brands and manufacturers as well. To find out about your options, have a look at the online catalogues provided by local vendors or contact the sales department of some sellers to find out more about refrigeration solutions. Check the offers of the Denver commercial HVAC service – they can vary widely in terms of what they include.


If you need a cooling or freezing solution for your facility in Denver, commercial refrigeration providers can help you not only by selling you the product you need, but also assist you during the selection process – turn to local vendors for advice and you will surely make the right decision in the end.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems – Learn More from HVAC Services Specialists

Not all air conditioning units are created equal, HVAC services professionals say. Although they serve the same purpose, each of the available models has a different structure and functions in a different way.


Here is some information about the most commonly met types of HVAC devices:


  • Rooftop unit – As suggested by its name, this air conditioning system is designed to be mounted on the building’s roof. The components that have the role to allow the air to enter the device are placed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the model. Rooftop HVAC units are considered among the most environment-friendly products in their category.


  • Central unit – In this model, the central part is known as AHU, short from “air handler unit”. It has the role to let the air inside the device, and it is also responsible with cooling it, with the help of the so-called “evaporator coil”. Central HVAC units are considered the most complex air conditioning systems, and they are the best choice for residential complexes or single houses of big dimensions.


  • Split unit – With a basic design, it includes only an expansion valve and a condenser. These parts, HVAC services experts say, are widely available and they also come at an accessible price, making the split unit easy to repair.